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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone that's downloaded Dani's Daycare so far!  We've had over 1500 downloads and received some great feedback.  Thank you!

It's been pretty smooth sailing for the most part, but we've had a couple of issues too.

Someone on the US App Store left us some feedback - they were looking forward to playing, but the app won't load!  Unfortunately, we can't reply to reviews on the App Store, so I'm going to try to address this here as it probably affects a number of people.

We've seen an issue for users on iOS 5 where the app will crash immediately when it is launched.  I've identified the issue, so hopefully this will be resolved when we push out an update.

We've also noticed a slightly less serious issue where your online score doesn't immediately update when signed in to Facebook.  This can happen if your Internet connection suffers a blip when we update your score!  Don't worry if this happens, your score will eventually update if you keep playing.

It takes a few days for Apple to review any updates we submit, so I'd like to address both of these issues before releasing a new version - but I'm working on it!

Obviously the crashing issue can be remedied straight away if you're willing to update your version of iOS to the latest.  If you are suffering a crash, and you are on the latest version, please let me know in the comments below!

UPDATE 02 July:  We've decided to release the fix for the iOS 5 crash straight away, instead of bundling it with multiple improvements - I've struggled to find enough time to get this done as fast as I would have like - our baby daughter is taking up much of my attention at the moment!  I'll continue to work towards additional improvements, and release another update as soon as they are done.

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